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Quicker Posts In Jekyll


I had previously mentioned using Jekyll Compose. While Jekyll Compose worked well, it still required I enter a bunch of content, playing with the file name, find the file in an editor, etc.

To speed things up, I wrote a little script called new_post. new_post takes a title as it's only argument, sets the title, a smart slug, some other presets, and finally opens ByWord.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'date'
require 'active_support/core_ext/string/inflections'

unless Dir.exists?("_posts")
abort "Are you sure you are in a blog (Jekyll) root directory (no _posts directory)?"

STOP_WORDS = %w{til ntm a an and are as at be but by for if in into is it no of on or such that the their then there these they this to s was will with}

abort("You need to pass in a title") if ARGV.empty?

title = (ARGV.count == 1 ? ARGV[0] : ARGV.join(" ")).strip.titleize
abort("No title was found") if title.empty?

now =

slug = title
.gsub(/[\W_]/, ' ')
.split(' ')
.select{|s| s unless s.empty?}
.collect{|s| s unless STOP_WORDS.include?(s)}
.join(' ')
abort("No words left for a valid slug") if slug.empty?

path = "_posts/#{now.to_date.to_s}-#{slug.gsub(/ +/,'-')}.md"

abort("Post File #{path} already exists") if File.exists?(path)

front_matter = <<-FRONTMATTER
layout: post
title: #{title}
date: #{now}

.map{|line| line.strip}
.tap{|lines| lines << "\n\n"}
.join("\n"), 'w') do |f|

`open #{path} -a /Applications/`

To speed things up even more, I have a little bash function:

jpost () {
cd ~/play/blog
bin/new_post "$@"

From there, anytime I get the urge to right something, I can just type: jpost The Title of the Post