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Mini ToDo List Showdown


I had previously used both OmniFocus and Things, but neither stuck. Looking back, it was much more a lack discipline than an app issue.

I am getting old and forgetful. While I have been much better at taking notes and setting up reminders, it ends up scattered everywhere (well, virtually everywhere, but still everywhere). I decided to try to make it a real habit and commit to using one.

Another app I have seen floating around and never tried with Todoist. I figured three apps was more than I can actually handle for a test, so I decided to bump one. Looking at the numbers, I dropped OmniFocus. For something as important as my time, $110 should be a no-brainer, but it is a hurdle I could not cross.

Down to two apps, I was ready to dig in.


Although I am 100% Mac/Apple, I liked access via a browser and access outside of the Apple's walled garden. Visually, it lacks a little of the polish of Things, but it does have one killer feature...the quick entry window is miles ahead of Things. Access to tags/projects/dates are all right there. The cost for the pro-version is cheaper upfront, but it is a yearly charge ($30 vs a one time purchase). This includes all devices, so it isn't that bad, especially for something I hope is a long term solution.


Things is much more Apple friendly. Everything worked as expected. Knowing that the most important goals was to get todos out of my head, I was confident it was going to be my app of choice.

The Things desktop app comes with a free 14 day trial, but I had to drop $10 to try the iOS app (the iPad app is another $20....thankfully I held off there).[1] I consistently used it for 14 days and once the trial was up, I needed to make a decision.

My Decision

In the end, I decided to go back to Todoist and will stick with it for the foreseeable future. The better quick add is too powerful to overlook. I also don't think you can overlook the cross platform access.

  1. Like a camera, the best todo list is the one you have with you. To test it out, I wanted to be able to jot things down when they happened/came to me. ↩︎