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Five new Desktop Apps I use Every Day


Most of these are merely new to me, not necessarily new apps.


CleanShot - I have been using Droplr for the last couple of years, but recently switched to CleanShot. It has a very clean UI and is simple to use. There is no built-in sharing (still using Droplr there), but overall it is excellent.

CloudApp - I am still a big fan of CleanShot, however, the lack of built-in sharing gave me a wandering eye. 😏 I did a bit more research and found another app that has existed for years...CloudApp. Similarly to CleanShot, it has an easy to use interface and just about everything you want from an app like this, including built-in sharing (custom URL and all). I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I am very happy with it.

CommandTab Plus - OS X spaces are a great way to organize working on different tasks. However, if you frequently use ⌘+Tab, you can accidentally select an app in a different space and end up leaving your current space. CommandTab Plus solves this by changing ⌘+Tab to only show you the apps in your current space. This app has made a considerable improvement in my productivity since I can more easily jump back into something without restarting everything.

FeedBin - There are not many RSS feeds to follow these days. Most of my info comes from newsletters and Twitter. Unfortunately, this means spending time in email (which I usually miss) and way too much time on Twitter. FeedBin fixes both of these issues.

  1. They provide you a personal email address you can use to have newsletters sent directly to FeedBin.
  2. You can add individual Twitter accounts as feeds (even filtered for media)

These options make FeedBin my goto source for new content.

Bear - There are a lot of useful note apps available now. I have been switching between different apps for the last couple of months, but finally settled on Bear. It is simple and available on all my devices. The tagging system makes it easy to group related ideas on the fly.

VSCode I have mentioned this on Twitter and this site over the last couple of weeks, but still worth mentioning it again. It has been a joy to use and is continually getting better. Eight years ago, I could not imagine going to back to anything resembling an IDE.