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😀 Emoji Prompt


In my shell prompt, I typically keep things very simple. Just the current folder I am in and the git branch.

iTerm 3.3 introduced a new customizable status bar. In this new status bar, you can easily view your things like your current directory as well as your current git branch. This means I can further simplify my prompt to...well, nothing really.

With this new real estate I figured I could have a bit of fun and wrote this small shell script which adds an Emoji based on the day of the week.

local ret_status="%(?:%{$fg_bold[green]%}➜ :%{$fg_bold[red]%}➜ )"

get_emoji_based_on_day() {
  case $(LC_ALL=-C date +%u) in
    (1) echo 👉;;
    (2) echo 👍;;
    (3) echo ✊;;
    (4) echo 🤙;;
    (5) echo 🍺;;
    (6) echo 🎉;;
    (7) echo 🙏;;
    (*) echo 🤯;;

PROMPT='$(get_emoji_based_on_day) ${ret_status}%{$reset_color%}'

Another great new iTerm 3.3 feature is a minimal theme option which simplifies the entire screen. Here is what it all looks like:

iTerm 3.3 with Emoji Prompt Preview

Hat Tip This prompt is based on Robby Russel default theme in OH My ZSH.