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Better Jekyll Excerpts


When you use the built-in excerpt feature, Jekyll returns the first paragraph of text. It does this by looking for something called the excerpt_separator. The excerpt_separator defaults to \n\n, which is ideal for most short posts.

Back in my LiveWriter days, it would use an HTML comment like <!--more--> to designate where to break for an excerpt. Jekyll supports this as well. In your _config.yml file you can add:

excerpt_separator: <!--more-->

Unfortunately, this now means that on every post, you need to enter <!--more-->, even if you are OK with the default of the first paragraph. The alternative is to add excerpt_separator: <!--more--> for each post you want to control the excerpt.

Adding the excerpt_separator when needed is slightly better, but still too manual for my tastes.

Instead, I wrote a small plugin you can drop in your _plugins directory.

Jekyll::Hooks.register :posts, :pre_render do |post|

if['excerpt_separator'].nil? && post.content =~ /^(<!--\s*more\s*-->)$/["excerpt_separator"] = $1['excerpt'] =


For each post, when building, it looks to see if there is a <!--more--> in the body. If it is found it sets it as the excerpt_separator. Otherwise, it uses the default \n\n.