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Heard about this on today: Fish shell-like syntax highlighting for Zsh. It is a great way to see errors before you hit enter.

iOS 13 πŸ‘Œ

For all the early rumblings and concerns, I have found this update to be quite nice.

Wins & Losses

β€œDon't let a win get to your head or a loss to your heart”

Select Multiple Fields With Fauna

I am thinking of using Fauna for my next small side project and began experimenting with it last night. I wanted to return two fields from a document, but I could not get the syntax correct. to Blog

Big hat tip to @subdigital for pointing out the iOS Shortcuts app will let you make an HTTP Post. More simple blogging to follow.

Rails Meta Tags

This is a really easy way to consistently implement and set meta tags in your rails apps (title, meta, noindex, open graph, etc).

ASP.Net Server Controls and React

I was looking through this rather nice set of React components and I could not help but be reminded a bit of ASP.Net server controls.

Rails Global Ids

A Global ID is an app wide URI that uniquely identifies a model instance


Worrying about things like logos is something new founders often waste way too much time on.

This service gets you a decent logo in a minute or two for free and then lets you get back to focusing on what is important (in the short run).

Managing My Menu Bar

My menu bar would be 100% out of control without the excellent (and free) app Dozer.