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Heroku + CloudFlare + SSL

For a couple of years now, Heroku has had pretty good free’ish SSL support. You add your domain, enable auto certs, and enter a DNS record.

Nunjucks Inline Ternary Operator

On this site, I use the post URL as the ID for feeds. This is generally a good idea since urls should not change...except when they do.

Tot πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯

This app is superb. Seven color-coordinated notes at your disposal. Hat tip to @gruber.

I have used Tyke for years, but syncing across devices and a little extra space are game-changers.

Via Configurator

I previously mentioned my best experience with QMK was via ErgoDox EZ's online tool, Oryx. Oryx may be the best online tool, but it is no longer my favorite.

Taking Control of Twitter

For better or worse, Twitter has become the de facto information exchange hub for some of my favorite communities (developers and bootstrappers). While I long for the day when blogs and personal sites make their triumphant return, I am taking a more pragmatic approach to how I interact with Twitter.

Turbolinks and Eleventy (and Static Sites)

With Gatsby, I like the idea of using a React router to make transitioning from page to page as seamless (fast) as possible. However, I could not convince myself overhead, and the complexity of Gatsby was not worth the effort. In the end, I decided to use Eleventy.

Ruby Literals

There are quite a few I was completely unaware of. Ruby still surprises me every day.

πŸ’ Cherry Mx > Gateron

I have tested and compared Gateron Red & Brown vs Cherry Mx Red & Brown on multiple boards and my switch tester. In every case, the Cherry's were far superior in feel.

πŸ”₯QMK ⌨️

I have no clue what it takes to implement QMK on a keyboard. However, after using it on two different keyboards, I find it hard to fathom buying a keyboard that does not have any support for it.